October 24, 2021


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Houston Reporter Fired From A TV Station After She Blasted Her Employer On Air

A reporter for a Houston television station was dismissed after she criticized the station live on-air and recorded discussions thereafter.

Ivory Hecker, 32, was fired from local Fox affiliate KRIV on Tuesday, according to sources.

Hecker had used a live broadcast on Monday to criticize KRIV, saying she’d been “muzzled” and threatening to expose the station, before seamlessly moving into a report on Houston’s sweltering heat.

She went to Project Veritas, a right-wing news organization renowned for sting operations and for being banned from Twitter for “multiple breaches of Twitter’s private information policy.”

Hecker’s communications with her KRIV supervisors were leaked by Project Veritas, in which the higher-ups instruct her not to investigate stories about Bitcoin and not to advertise hydroxychloroquine as a miracle therapy for COVID-19 since it isn’t.

Hecker also targeted the Fox Corporation as a whole, including Fox News.

“I’ve wanted to get away from this odd, slightly insane organization since I learned what they were in August,” Hecker told CN News. “I wouldn’t watch Fox News.”

KRIV described Hecker as a “disgruntled former employee seeking notoriety by pushing a fake story generated via selective editing and distortion” in a statement to CN News.

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