January 26, 2022


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Iggy Azalea Now Says She’ll No Longer Share Photos of Her Son Onyx

Iggy Azalea has stated that she will be keeping her son’s life more secret in the future.

On Friday, the rapper said on Twitter that she will no longer be posting images of her son Onyx after trolls mocked his clothing.

Azalea, who has a 1-year-old son with ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti, wrote on Twitter, “I’ve decided to stop writing about Onyx and sharing photographs on the internet. You’re not going to be out here playing with my baby while I’m watching!”

“I don’t make jokes about my child. ALLLLLLL” she continued in a subsequent tweet.

Azalea went into mama bear mode after a fan commented on Onyx’s dinosaur onesie last week.

“Imagine being so unhappy that you bully a one-year-old child for choosing his own dress,” she responded to the Twitter user. “You’re all so cheesy and bored, and it’s such a shame.”

Fans of Playboi Carti chimed in, claiming that the jokes regarding Onyx’s clothing were all in good fun. Azalea, on the other hand, was not having it.

“My child is not a sub-brand for his father’s followers to obsess over or joke on,” she explained. “The reality is that you don’t like his mother, so you think it’s great to be disrespectful about a baby and what funny crap he wears.”

“Know that I, as well as his father, will smack you in the face.”

Azalea’s decision to keep her son off social media follows her announcement of a musical hiatus.

The 31-year-old rapper said earlier this month that she will take a multi-year hiatus from the music industry after the release of her upcoming album, End of an Era.

“End of an Era is extremely meaningful to me because once my album drops next month, I’m going to take a few years off to focus on other creative projects and things I’m passionate [about] and inspired by, outside of music,” she tweeted.

“I’m looking forwards to showing you guys new sides of me in the future.”

“I’m shifting my energy and focus to what I’m most thrilled about, and I hope you’ll continue to support whatever creative projects I’m working on!” Azalea kept going.

“This album is one of my favorites, and I want my fans to enjoy it as much as I do. I’m hoping to see a lot of you on the road!”


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