January 18, 2022


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Impatient Holden Driver Crashed By A Truck While Trying To Hastily Overtake On The Wrong Side

An anxious Holden Commodore driver attempted to undercut a massive haulage truck before colliding with the kerb, but people who have seen the clip disagree on who is to blame.

On Thurgoona Drive in Lavington, a suburb north of Albury, NSW, a dashcam footage shot on July 24 at about 5.20pm shows a black sedan driving around a big vehicle.

At an upcoming roundabout, the truck takes all lanes, cutting off the sedan driver and scratching the side of his vehicle.

The commodore is jolted off the road and onto the grass near the crossroads, much to the delight of the man filming.

The image was shared on Facebook by Dash Cam Owners Australia, and the comments section is divided as to whether motorist is at fault.

‘It’s a b-double… 26 metres long,’ said one knowledgeable user. A semi-trailer is 19 metres long. They are both allowed to use up to two lanes at any time when required by law. It would be hard for them to navigate our roadways if they couldn’t.

‘As a result, impatient jerks who try this manoeuvre will be forced to learn the hard way.’

A B-double is made up of a primary truck and two semi trailers, as well as a fifth wheel for added stability on long hauls.

‘When travelling straight through a roundabout, a vehicle must stay in the same lane through the roundabout,’ an opposing user wrote.

This comment was instantly overwhelmed with responses from NSW people who were well-versed in the state’s trucking legislation.

‘If you’re over 7.5m, you’re entitled to lane share by legislation.’ That’s why there are signs on the rear warning people not to overtake when turning,’ said one user.

holden accident
holden accident holden accident
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