January 18, 2022


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International Flights To South Australia Stopped As State Reports One New COVID-19 Case

Only one new case of coronavirus has been reported in South Australia in the last 24 hours, out of 23,410 tests conducted across the state.

Premier Steven Marshall said the state was “on pace” to come out of lockdown on Tuesday, as scheduled, due to low case numbers.

Despite this good news, Mr Marshall said that all international flights into South Africa will be cancelled for two days next week.

“I can inform you that I wrote to the Prime Minister yesterday, requesting that some international flights to South Australia be cancelled,” he stated.

“We’ve been concerned that the huge volume of testing will cause us to run out of capacity.”

“Flights into Adelaide for Monday and Tuesday have been cancelled, according to confirmation obtained today.”

Only Australian citizens and residents are permitted to enter the country, though certain non-citizens may be granted special permission, and they must pay $3000 for a 14-day hotel quarantine.

The number of passengers allowed to enter Australia is limited to 3000 each week. South Australia has the same low passenger volume, with only 265 passengers each week.

Tenafeate Winery in Yattalunga, north-east of Adelaide, was connected to the state’s one additional case, bringing the total number of cases in the cluster to nine.

The man, in his 60s, had already been quarantined with his wife, a previously diagnosed patient, at the state’s Tom Court medi-hotel.

When asked why the guy was permitted to stay at the hotel with his wife despite having previously tested negative, Nicola Spurrier, the state’s Chief Medical Officer, replied it was because of “existing protocol.”

Professor Spurrier explained, “Our desire is that we only have the person who is a case in Tom’s Court, but in some cases, there is a request to have a carer alongside them.”

“Indeed, in this situation, this is clearly what occurred. I have not communicated with this individual directly, but I am aware that our team has.”

Mr Marshall predicted that the state would be able to exit lockdown next week, as scheduled.

“We’re still on target to emerge from lockdown on Tuesday next week, so our pupils can return to school on Wednesday.” Mr Marshall remarked, “I know that will be a big relief.”

“I’d like to express my gratitude to the people of South Australia one more.

“There’s still a little time left.” We’re on day four of our seven-day lockdown, and all indications are that the people of South Australia are taking this very seriously.”

Since the lockdown began on Tuesday, 73 expiation letters have been given and 106 people have been cautioned, according to South Australian Police. Two companies have been issued formal warnings.

SA Health had previously issued an advisory stating that the Victoria Park testing location was temporarily closed due to rain. They were recommending anyone looking for a test to look for a different testing location.

Alternative testing sites have been created to cope with the overflow from Victoria Park, and a ticketing system is being tested to help people avoid long lines at testing stations, according to Mr Marshall.

“This is critical so that individuals may schedule a visit within an hour of arriving at a site.” We’ve now tried it with one location, Ridgehaven’s Waterworld.

“I understand that this site has already had 4500 bookings as of this morning.”

People said they had waited up to 14 hours at the testing centre, with live webcam footage showing a lengthy queue of automobiles reaching out from the centre.

In South Australia, a Coles supermarket is one of several new coronavirus exposure sites, and several places’ guidance has been modified.

Only one new case was reported yesterday in the state: a man in his 60s who contracted the virus on Sunday at the Tenafeate Winery in Yattalunga, north east of Adelaide.

More than 120 persons have been identified as positive case contacts, and testing is currently underway.

The state has been placed on lockdown for a week, following the diagnosis of a grandpa who had escaped hotel quarantine in Sydney.

It started on Tuesday and features some of the harshest conditions in the country, with people only allowed to exercise for up to 90 minutes a day within a 2.5-kilometer radius.

It’s unclear whether the individual contracted the virus during the 14-day quarantine period.

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