October 24, 2021


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Internet Goes Off At Tyler Perry Over Prostate Joke

On social media, a scene from a recent episode of Sistas has gone viral, and fans are mocking Tyler Perry for the script.

A breakup scene was in the works, but what appeared to be a terrible breakup turned into a brilliantly humorous moment, with an actor claiming that the relationship could never work because of his two fathers, his feminine side, and the fact that he enjoys having his prostate “tickled.”

Tyler Perry has previously stated that he does not have a writer’s room for his shows.

Because he handles all of the labour himself, we can only hold the millionaire entertainment magnate responsible for this absurd scene.

“Let’s just call it a night,” the star tells his lover.

“It’s just that I’m too much for you. Me, my two fathers, my feminine side, my lace underwear, heck, even liking my prostate tickled!”

What’s going on? Why did we go there in the first place?

Anthony Dalton plays the character, and he won’t be hearing the end of it anytime soon.

Twitter has been having a good time with the clip, mocking Tyler Perry for writing the line and questioning why he included it in the final episode. At the very least, it was amusing!


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