October 15, 2021


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J Prince Nephew Murdered Calls On The Streets To Help Him Get Those Responsible

A Hip Hop legend has lost a loved one, and the streets have been called in to help.

Since founding Rap-A-Lot Records in the late 1980s, J. Prince has been a legend in the rap industry, and it’s well-known that anyone in need, especially in Texas, can turn to him for assistance.

He usually stays out of the spotlight and avoids the he-say-she-say that musicians are prone to, but he came out on Tuesday to share devastating news of his nephew’s murder.

Prince rushed to Instagram to express his sadness as well as his rage.

In the caption of a photo of himself with his nephew, he wrote,

“Houston, We Have A Problem To Solve! There are a couple rogue young punks who broke into one of my boys’ garage and shot and killed my defenceless nephew.”

“These morons have no principles and have a mentality of ‘anybody can get it,'” he continued.

“I wish I could go back in time and place a ‘WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE- MILLION DOLLAR REWARD’ sign on them, but that’s against the law, so I won’t.” Let’s not wait for the cops to fix every problem for us, real people in every hood in H-Town. We have legal rights that must be exercised in order to protect ourselves.”

Prince went on to say that he has “NO regard” for anyone “over the world” who calls themselves “gangstas” but engages in such behaviour.

“Killing unarmed, defenceless individuals in nightclubs, homes, schools, malls, restaurants, churches, and other public places!” He did, however, call on “genuine n*ggas all around the world” to get together in order to “deal with these nasty apples.”

“This isn’t gangsta sh*t, it’s wimpy sh*t!”

“You will reap what you sow!”

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