January 29, 2022


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Jake Paul May Be Signing To OVO

Jake Paul has come a long way in the sport of boxing, and it’s obvious that he won’t be content with just beating Ben Askren.

Right now, he has a long list of fighters to choose from, and many people are curious to see how he would fare against someone who can actually fight.

For the time being, Paul is unbeaten, and if he can maintain his winning streak, he might have a chance to compete for real belts if he continues to take the sport seriously.

In terms of endorsements, he seems to have just landed the biggest one of them all.

Jake Paul and his team have been hinting at a new collaboration with OVO, according to social media news writer Def Noodles on Twitter.

Jake tweeted the day before yesterday that it was the best day of his life, all while one of his employees wore an OVO chain in a video.

His editor got into the Drake spirit as well, posting a video bumping some Drake music while saying “we live in a simulation, today’s been unreal.”


Jake’s tattoo artist has flown out to visit him, and they can all be seen celebrating in the photo above.

Although no one has verified the existence of an OVO contract, it appears that a Jake Paul x Drake collaboration is on the cards.

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