January 18, 2022


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Jake Paul Stealing Floyd Mayweather’s Hat Apparently Angered Him So Much He Is Actually Training For Logan Fight Far From What He Did With Conor Mcgregor

The famed unbeaten boxer was questioned if he was going to prepare hard for his forthcoming fight against YouTube personality Logan Paul on the same day Jake Paul snatched Floyd Mayweather’s hat in a childish prank at media commitments for his fight with Logan Paul in Miami.

“Not at all,” says the narrator. “I just have to stay in fit for this one,” Mayweather told The Athletic.

Mayweather has built a reputation for hard effort throughout his career, with the boxing champion famous for sprinting the Nevada desert roads throughout his many title defenses.

The undefeated boxing champion’s propensity for the grind has, predictably, faded in retirement.

During his preparation for his showcase versus Conor McGregor in 2017, the 50-0 fighter raised eyebrows when he was sighted at his gentleman’s club at 3 a.m. on the eve of the lucrative weigh-ins and consuming fast food at the start of fight week.

On New Year’s Eve 2018, the boxing veteran agreed to battle Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa for $9 million in a three-round demonstration that lasted about two minutes, with the boxing legend down the kickboxer three times before the kickboxer’s camp threw up the towel.

There was no particular training camp for the American, who kept himself in good shape for the bout.

He didn’t even take the event seriously enough to travel to Japan ahead of time to adjust to the local time zone, arriving more than two hours late for the bout.

If Mayweather barely trained for McGregor, a two-weight UFC champion with considerable boxing experience, then most people would have to believe him when he declared he wouldn’t even break a sweat in preparation for Logan Paul.

According to Mayweather’s training buddy, though, nothing could be further from the truth.

The hat-stealing incident, according to Dennis Doughlin, has sparked a fire in the boxing champion, who is training considerably harder than he did for the McGregor bout in 2017.

While Mayweather is well aware that he doesn’t need a game plan to beat Logan Paul and his brother Jake, the great boxer has amped up his preparation solely to shame Logan Paul and his brother Jake.

“I think Floyd thought taking his hat was disrespectful, and from what I observed at the gym, it appears that it has put a fire under him,” Doughlin added. “I was blown away.” I believe it was because the Paul brothers had irritated him.

“Floyd is one of the best in the world, but I didn’t expect him to practice as hard as he did for this.” But now that they’ve irritated him, he’s rattling up the volume. Floyd’s performance today was outstanding.

“I was completely taken aback. To stay active, I was expecting him to do a cookie-cutter workout, shadow box, and spar someone really hard. That’s exactly what I was hoping for.”

“However, when I arrived at the gym about midnight, the excitement and atmosphere seemed like a real Mayweather fight.” Floyd looked fantastic, and he didn’t seem to lose a beat.

“It was a sight to watch – still cheeky, still having fun, still crafty.” He had a lot of energy as I watched him spar, pound the bag, and work on the pads. Just seeing that taught me a lot.

“Floyd was destined to be the finest in the world, but he chose to retire.” So, while he’s not taking this fight with Logan Paul as seriously as, say, a real fight with Errol Spence, he’s taking it as seriously as he needs to for what it is — a fight for a kid who’s a little crazy and rude, and who doesn’t understand the craft of boxing.

“Floyd will show him that boxing is an art.” It makes no difference if you’re bigger or stronger than me since I’m a boxer. Floyd is one of the top technicians in the sport, and I believe he recognizes this.

“He feels compelled to show this child that boxing is more than simply a brawl – it’s a science.” He’s going to make him pay 100 percent.”

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