October 24, 2021


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James Harden Has Slammed Rumors He Cashapped Saweetie $100K For A Date

James Harden is one of the finest players in the NBA, and if fans know anything about him, it’s that he enjoys spending money at the strip club.

In fact, during the epidemic, Harden has been observed partying at these clubs, which has caused him in issues with the league.

Strange claims about Harden spending his money in an entirely other area have suddenly surfaced on the internet. Harden allegedly paid rapper Saweetie $100K merely to go on a date, according to these reports.

This tale is so interesting that it became viral on the internet, and many people have commented on it on their various social media platforms since then.

For example, only a few hours ago, 50 Cent weighed in on the topic, sounding highly dubious of Harden’s reported conduct.

Harden is now speaking out about the situation, and he is vehemently disputing every detail.

“I’m tired of people creating these fake ass stories knowing I really don’t speak on bullshit,” Harden said. “Leave me out of all the weird shit. Shit trash. Back to my real life. I really stay out the way. Cashapp 100K? Beat it.”

It’s unclear where this rumor originated, given it appears to be completely unexpected and out of the norm.

Regardless, Harden felt compelled to comment, and it’s good to get some clarification on the subject.

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