October 24, 2021


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Jay Z Congratulates The Migos On Their New Album Culture III Says ‘Avalanche’ His Fav

For Migos, this is a day of celebration.

The Atlanta trio released their Culture III album, which comes after a years-long break for the group, and fans have been listening to it nonstop all day.

Migos have been dominating social media hot topics and receiving accolades from their peers, but a co-sign from Jay-Z was the icing on the cake.

Only a few artists in the entertainment world have the influence and respect that Hov does, so when he reaches out to tell a rapper that he not only sees but enjoys what they’re doing, it’s a prized moment.

In communication with Quavo, Jay compliments Culture III, according to a screenshot. Jay-Z allegedly wrote;

“That Avalanche song is fantastic. Congratulations on the record, you and the boys. God bless you!” Quavo thanked Jay for his warm comments, saying that Migos “gave all we had into this one.”

Quavo recently told CN News that he believes Culture III will take over in 2021.

“Greatness. This is the best album of the year. The best album of the season, “he stated “It has reopened. This record has the potential to change the world.”

What are your initial thoughts on Culture III?

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