January 29, 2022


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Jim Jones Hurt By The Loss Of DMX And Black Rob Calls It A ‘Double Hurt’

In the month of April, Hip Hop was dealt a crippling triple hit. We learned of DMX’s fall, which was later discovered to be a heart attack caused by drug use, and the Rap legend passed away after days in a coma.

A disturbing video of Black Rob in a hospital has surfaced, showing the former Bad Boy rapper looking ill.

Days later, we learned that Black Rob had also passed away, and just last night, the internet was ablaze with reports that Digital Underground legend Shock G had died at the age of 57.

Fans have been processing this series of Hip Hop deaths in different ways, and Jim Jones commented on DMX and Black Rob during a conversation with Los Angeles radio station Power 106.

The New York rapper discussed New York’s tight-knit communities and why losing these two icons was “a double whammy.”

Jones spoke about performing alongside DMX and maintaining a long-standing “mutual respect” friendship with the late rapper.

Jones explained, “Harlem is like three degrees of separation instead of six degrees of separation. It was like a double blow when we lost Black Rob or found out he was in the hospital just before he died, particularly being from Harlem and Black Rob being a few avenues up the street from me.”

Jones revealed that he and Rob both grew up in project houses next to each other.

“Black Rob came on and put on a show for the whole Eastside, for everyone in Harlem… And I’m sure that some of the records he’s released helped Bad Boy achieve their success.”

“It’s dope that [Black Rob] has left a legacy that no one will ever erase,” Jones continued. “And coming from Harlem, that’s very special.”

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