January 26, 2022


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Judge Denies NBA Youngboy Bail After FEDS Produce Shocking Photos

Since his arrest earlier this month as part of a police operation, the streets have chanted “Free NBA Youngboy.”

The rapper was apprehended in the spring as part of the “Operation Never Free Again” operation.

Unfortunately, the rapper remains in jail without bail, and his most recent attempt to be released failed miserably.

NBA Youngboy’s bid to be freed from prison was once again denied by a court.

It comes after federal prosecutors presented the court with photographs of NBA Youngboy seeming to be in possession of weapons on the shoot of a music video and in a photo with a 10-year-old fan.

The rapper’s legal team challenged the judge’s decision to dismiss his appeal in April.

Youngboy, according to the judge, was a menace to society at the time.

According to AllHipHop, United States Magistrate Judge Scott D. Johnson hasn’t changed his mind, declaring in a recent order that “no condition or combination of restrictions will properly guarantee the community’s safety.”

The court stated that the evidence against the rapper was sufficient to put him in prison and support the prosecutor’s case.

Judge Scott D. Johnson also noted that Youngboy’s eluding the cops causes him to be “prone to irresponsible, unlawful, and hazardous behaviour.”

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