January 18, 2022


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Judge Grants $1 Million Bond For Man Charged In Southwest Houston Family’s Murder

The guy charged with three counts of capital murder after killing three members of the same family last week was granted bail on Sunday.

Xavier Davis, 28, was given a bail of $1,040,000 by a judge.

The court stated, “There is a risk to community safety.” “The bail amounts specified are necessary and fair to maintain community safety and prevent fleeing prosecution.”

Davis was detained last Thursday on an unrelated allegation of domestic violence, according to police.

Harmony Carhee, 6, and her parents, Donyavia Lagway and Gregory Carhee, were shot late Wednesday night in their Fondren Road residence. Harmony’s 10-year-old sister was also shot, but she pretended to be dead throughout the attack before calling her grandma on FaceTime.

On Friday, the ten-year-old was released from the hospital and is healing from her injuries. She informed police that before the attack, a man suspected to be Davis knocked on the door of the flat.

According to the small girl, he wore a mask and grabbed her 1-year-old baby brother by the hair and flung him. The victims were then shot in the head by him.

She said that she pretended to be dead, and that after the killer departed, she went to get her brother and shut the door.

In the shooting of the 10-year-old, Davis has been charged with aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

Even if Davis is released on bond, the judge has placed him under 24-hour home arrest. According to the court hearing, he should have a GPS monitor fitted within five calendar days.

Davis is also not allowed to come within 200 feet of 121015 Fondren Road, according to the judge.

“I’m not putting an apartment number in there on purpose,” the judge explained. “I’d like him to avoid the housing complex.”

Davis, on the other hand, is permitted to travel for medical emergencies, pre-authorized travel to and from work, job interviews, and planned medical treatments and criminal prosecutions.

Due to medical concerns, he did not appear in court on Sunday, but he is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

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