January 26, 2022


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Justin Bieber Blasts The Media Over Use Of His Photos From When He Was Sick To Make It Look Like He Is Not Ok

Justin Bieber has requested the media to stop publishing photographs of him that he considers unfavourable from when he was suffering from Lyme illness.

He said on his Instagram Story Wednesday, “I’m still in disbelief we’re still using these images of me,” “I’m telling you media wants to choose awful photos of me to make it appear like I’m not alright.”

What is his primary gripe?

“There have been many picture ops and opportunities [sic] for the media to pick up other images, but they continue to use this one to make me appear sick and poorly, which is not right.”

Last year, Bieber, 27, disclosed that he had Lyme illness in a documentary.

“While a lot of people continued screaming [Bieber] looks like s–t, on meth, etc., they neglected to understand I’ve been just diagnosed with Lyme disease,” he said on social media at the time.

Bieber also said that he was suffering from “a terrible case of chronic mono” that was affecting his “skin, mental function, energy, and overall health” at the time.

“This was a time when I was extremely unhealthy,” he tweeted on Wednesday of the photos that come up in web searches from that time period.

“Wasn’t it true that I was battling Lyme disease?”

“All of the best images are me looking unkempt, right?” the pop diva wrote besides a collage of photos.

“Obviously, I was going through a difficult moment, but these are the images that the media attempts to exploit.”

He said that he had requested that the old photos be replaced by new ones.

“Understand that there are individuals in your life who don’t want you to succeed, and sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow,” Bieber continued.

“Sometimes the people you care about are envious of you. We have no choice except to forgive them and set proper boundaries.”

The “Peaches” singer made news lately when he expressed his enthusiasm for Morgan Wallen’s track “Sand in My Boots” and that he “love[d]” the country singer’s “Dangerous: The Double Album.”

Bieber later removed the tweet after learning that Wallen, 28, had uttered the N-word while intoxicated with pals in a leaked video earlier this year.

Bieber said on Instagram on Wednesday, “I had no knowledge that the man whose song I uploaded was just caught uttering racist things. As you know, I do not endorse or accept racism or prejudice in any form. I had no clue, and I apologise profusely to anyone I may have offended.”


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