September 25, 2021


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Kanye West Reveals His Humbling Sleeping Quarters At Mercedes Benz Stadium As He Completes ‘DONDA’

As many of you wait for DONDA’s August 6 release date, many Hip Hop fans doubt Kanye West’s ability to deliver.

After hosting listening parties in both Las Vegas and Atlanta, Kanye started a brief but spectacular release of DONDA last week.

The latter was supposed to happen either before or right after DONDA hit streaming platforms, but Ye disappointed his international followers by not releasing his album when he said he would.

Justin Laboy returned with news, saying that DONDA will still be released on Friday before announcing that the album would be released on August 6.

There have been reports that Kanye hasn’t even left the stadium since he’s summoned the cavalry to film DONDA’s last-minute touch-ups, and only hours ago, Ye gave a glimpse into his sleeping quarters.

Kanye is said to have luxurious properties all around the world, but until DONDA is finished, he’ll be in more modest surroundings.

It’s unclear how he and his squad are faring, but it’s presumed that they, too, are living in comparable quarters.

Several celebs chimed in with praise for Kanye’s devotion, but other fans are sceptical that DONDA will be done on time.

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