October 24, 2021


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Katie Thurston Asks Bachelorette Contestants To Refrain From Masturbation

As she hunts for the one, Katie Thurston has challenged the “Bachelorette” contestants to keep their hands out of their pants.

Thurston, 30, is shown approaching co-hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe with the proposal, which first flew over their heads, in a sneak peek from Monday’s episode provided by People.

“I had this concept that I thought would be fun,” she explained to the perplexed duo, “where the guys in the home all have to agree to withhold their self-care for as long as possible.”

“So, they don’t have a skin care routine? Like no shaving?” Bristowe wonders, with Adams adding,

Katie responded, “Uh, we’re going a little deeper than that. A friendly handshake between themselves is forbidden.”

When the ladies realise Thurston wants the men to quit masturbating, they all burst out laughing.

Before Bristowe informed the participants, the brunette beauty told cameras, “I can’t wait to see the boys and give them a little look, make it a little hard for them — make it VERY HARD for them.”

She informed the gathering, “I’m going to let you in on a juicy secret, and it’s called operation WOWO: Week off, whack off.” “Katie wants to see who can hold off the longest.”

During confessional, contestant Connor B stated, “This sucks, and a lot is going to change very rapidly.”

Thurston may be putting the remaining candidates to the test as a result of her belief that former competitor Thomas Jacobs used her for fame.

“You said things that I needed to hear. Thurston informed Jacobs, what I discovered about you tonight is that you’re selfish, cruel, and a liar,” in front of the remaining suitors before booting him out.

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