October 24, 2021


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Kid Cudi Rebelliously Turned Off His IG Comments After Backlash Over Painting His Nails

Kid Cudi disabled Instagram comments after receiving backlash from fans who were offended by his painted nails.

After being bullied online by users who didn’t like his painted nails, Kid Cudi is now turning off the comments section on his Instagram.

Cudi most recently flaunted his nail paint in a photo of himself wearing a Mandalorian helmet.

On Saturday night, Cudi revealed his choice on Twitter.

“I turned off my Instagram comments,” he stated.

“People seem to have an issue with my painting my nails. I’d had it with blocking so many accounts. Please understand that if you don’t like what I’m doing or anything else I’m doing, don’t buy my CDs or attend to my shows. Way off the beaten path.”

Many admirers congratulated Cudi for inspiring them to get their own nails painted in the comments section of his tweet, while others just praised him for ignoring the critics.

When it comes to his sartorial choices, the Man on the Moon rapper has been known to defy gender stereotypes.

KiCudi wore a floral Off-White dress during his Saturday Night Live performance earlier this year.

Cudi was recently featured on Pop Smoke’s latest album, “Faith,” which has been met with mixed reviews from fans and collaborators.

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