October 16, 2021


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Kim Kardashian Is A Wreck Following Failed Marriage To Kanye Says She Feels Like A Loser

In the finale episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian, Kim Kardashian sobbed as she revealed her marriage to Kanye West had dissolved.

The famous family made their last filmed trip together in the episode, which aired on Thursday, with the group pictured together at a beautiful property in Lake Tahoe, California, following a ‘huge dispute’ with her separated husband.

‘I feel like a f***ing failure that it’s, like, a third f***ing marriage,’ the star, 40, who was previously married to Damon Thomas and Kris Humpries, added through tears. Yeah, I feel like a f***king loser,’ she said, insisting she couldn’t be’stuck’ with Kanye any longer.

North, seven, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two, Kim and Kanye, who are parents to North, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two, announced their separation in February and have since been working out the legalities and sorting out custody.

Kim played out some of the separation in the most recent episode as she announced the end, while keeping her romance away from KUWTK.

‘I just want to retire to my room and never come out,’ Kim said as her sisters attempted to console her while she ate cookies.

‘Kim has been struggling privately behind camera regarding her relationship,’ Khloe revealed in her confessional.

‘And it’s difficult because Kim is definitely channelling a lot of her frustration, misery, and anger into something that has nothing to do with what she’s going through.’ It’s not the fault of the cookies.’

In a large living room, Khloe inquired about Kim’s relationship with Kanye. ‘There is no fighting,’ Kim stated. It’s all tranquil now, for example. ‘I just go with the flow.’

Kim was struggling with a lot, according to Khloe, because she and Kanye had a “huge disagreement” before they left on the vacation.

In the aftermath of Kanye’s fight with Kim, black-and-white footage showed her crying surrounded by her sisters, including Kourtney Jenner, 42, Kendall Jenner, 25, and Kylie Jenner, 23.

‘I just, like, honestly can’t do this anymore,’ Kim sobbed as Kanye said he was’stuck’ in a ‘new state every year.’

‘I believe he deserves someone who will go out of their way to help him.’ And then follow him around everywhere and relocate to Wyoming. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it…

‘He should have a wife that supports his every step, travels with him, and does everything, and I can’t,’ Kim remarked, wiping away tears from Kylie’s eyes.

‘I feel like a f***ing failure since this is my third marriage. Kim yelled out, “Yeah, I feel like a f***king loser,” as her sisters tried to calm her.

Kim stated that she could not think in that manner since she desired happiness.

Back in Tahoe, Khloe reassured Kim that she could talk to her about anything.

‘There’s nothing to talk about, honestly.’ I mean, some things, like fighting, I can’t live with. ‘As if it were constant,’ Kim explained.

Kim, her five-year-old son Saint, and her seven-year-old daughter North were all infected with COVID-19 in the season 20 premiere.

After failing the exam for first-year law students the first time, Kim tried the infant bar exam again while sick.

While spending time with her family, Kris Jenner, 65, recommended that they travel on ‘one final family trip’ before concluding their reality show.

Kourtney recommended they go to Lake Tahoe and mentioned a buddy who rented a 17,000-square-foot mansion there for the summer.

During the vacation, Kris also proposed that they join in a Secret Santa gift exchange.

Meanwhile, Khloe urged her family to donate meaningful objects for a time capsule that they may bury and unearth in the future.

While looking over old images with Kris, Kourtney was encouraged by her mother to reconcile with Scott Disick, 38, so they could grow old together.

‘Wouldn’t that be a dream,’ sarcastically remarked Kourtney.

Scott gets along well with the entire family, according to Kris, who also revealed that he told her about his love for Kourtney.

Kourtney informed her mother, ‘He’s a talker.’

In a confessional, Kourtney said that her family has been trying for years to get her and Scott back together.

Khloe was also grappling with the fact that Tristan Thompson, 30, was a free agent without a franchise after nine seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The family flew to Lake Tahoe in a private plane, where Khloe revealed that Tristan had just signed with the Boston Celtics.

During the ride, Khloe also informed Kendall about a tense legal battle she and Kris were having over new homes.

‘You know the contractor stole our properties, so we don’t have any houses right now,’ Khloe explained to the model.

‘We got these properties from a builder who was in the process of constructing them, and he has investors backing him up.’ We performed a background check on him and discovered that he had a 35-page criminal record. I told Mom I didn’t want to use him, but she insisted on doing so. Whatever the case may be, we ended up firing him because he was a jerk who was attempting to steal from me. And now he’s taken our houses, and they’ve come to a halt,’ Khloe explained.

They weren’t allowed to go on their properties, and they couldn’t take him to court because of COVID-19 restrictions, so they had to rely on mediation first.

Khloe said, ‘It just f***ing sucks.’

They arrived in Lake Tahoe, where Kim vented her frustrations on the cookies.

Kim put Kourtney on the spot regarding her future with Scott again at the end of the show.

She attempted to explain herself, but Kim expected a response right away.

‘How long will this take?’ Seriously, I’m getting irritated. What’s going on? ‘What’s going to happen,’ Kim asked, ignoring Kourtney’s protests that she wouldn’t let her continue.

Next week, the E! network will air the series finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The first episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired on the E! network in October 2007.

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