October 16, 2021


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Kodak Black Gives AC Units To His Community Amid Crazy Heat Weather

Although the most damaging news from the current heatwave has come from the Pacific Northwest, temperatures and droughts continue to plague parts of the East Coast.

Kodak Black has stepped up and put his wealth to far better use than his recent wasteful antics to assist his neighborhood safely battle this summer’s uncomfortably high temperatures.

Newly released videos show the Haitian Boy Kodak artist handing out free air conditioner units to his neighbors just in time for the holiday weekend.

Fans can see a whole moving truck full of boxes of air conditioner units sitting in a nearby park while Kodak Black and his accomplices distribute them to various persons in the video.

Because Kodak is lugging boxes while naked, one can only conclude that the heat in his town had reached intolerable levels.

The citizens of the area appear to be grateful for Kodak’s generosity, as the video is packed with individuals expressing “thank you.”

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