January 26, 2022


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Kyle Richards Hospitalized After Walking Into Beehive

Kyle Richards was rushed to the hospital over the weekend after stumbling into a beehive.

The 52-year-old star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” who is allergic to bee stings, said she was home alone at the time of the event – and that she ran into difficulties when seeking help.

“My family wasn’t home, and for whatever reason, my coworkers couldn’t hear me scream for help,” she posted on Instagram on Saturday.

“My landline wouldn’t dial 911, and my epi-pen wouldn’t open because it was defective.”

The reality actress released a selfie of herself in a hospital bed and video of the terrifying moment she was followed by bees while fleeing around her yard.

“I can laugh at this video now,” she explained, “but what you can’t see is that [the bees] were in my hair and were genuinely pursuing me.”

The Bravo celebrity claimed she wanted to share her terrifying incident as a warning to allergy sufferers who need an epi-pen.

“I tell you this story because I don’t always remember to have my epi-pen with me. I’m also not sure why mine isn’t working,” she stated in another Instagram Story post.

“It’s critical to go to YouTube and watch instructional videos on how to use it. Epi-pens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they all work differently.”

“Thank you @lafirestation83 @encinohospitalmedicalcenter for responding so quickly and taking such wonderful care of me,” the “RHOBH” star wrote in an Instagram post following the bee assault.

“Including assisting me in overcoming my panic attack. And for having to repeatedly persuade me that there were no more bees in my hair.”

Richards was checked up on by the staff a day after the event, despite the fact that she was “still looking like a hot mess with my pool hair and sting marks.”

She issued a health update on Monday by taking a selfie with a blotchy face and saying, “The red face is not going away. Thanks to the bees, it appears I’ll stay like this for a while.”

Farrah Richards, Richards’ 32-year-old daughter, turned to social media to express her gratitude that her mother was on the mend.

“My poor mama @kylerichards18 was stung by a [bee emoji] and now has a life-threatening allergy!!! She said on her Instagram Story, Thank God she’s okay, but that was scary.”

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