October 24, 2021


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Largest number of UFOS spotted Surrounding an international space Satellite

Evidence of UFOs circling Earth, obtained by cameras on the International Space Station, has been given to a popular Youtuber.

The image, according to MrMBB333, also known as Earth Watchman, shows ten unidentified objects “travelling with the space station.”

“Jeff sent in the photo you see here behind me. In the 15 second film, the Youtuber with over half a million followers said, “It’s a screengrab from the International Space Station on 3 July 2021 8.30am.”

“Ten unidentified objects are travelling above the planet Earth with the space station.”

In truth, it may be an image of the Earth with some dots and circles thrown in to produce material for social media outlets clinging to their sliver of hope.

It’s also possible that it’s true, in which case we should prepare to negotiate with our oncoming alien overlords.

An eagle-eyed student claimed to have seen a “bright UFO” hovering above a beach in the United Kingdom for 10 seconds before speeding off into the night sky.

Matthew Evans, 36, took photos of a strange unidentified flying object with four brilliant lights arranged in a triangle arrangement.

Matthew, from Teignmouth, Devon, said he saw the ‘UFO’ through the window of his top-floor flat.

The older student managed to get his phone out and snap a photo, but the mysterious object vanished into the horizon in a matter of seconds.

He stated he “couldn’t help but notice it.”

“My kitchen window has an excellent view of the water, so it wasn‘t moving like a plane would when it came across the horizon,” Matthew continued.

“It was going much more slowly and went up and down for a few seconds before hovering for about ten seconds.

“It stayed put long enough for me to grab my phone out and take those photos.”

The mysterious item then “immediately sped off at considerable speed and I couldn’t see it anymore,” the astonished pupil explained.

“There was a lot of light. I had no idea what it could be, so I decided to photograph it. I haven’t completely lost my marbles yet. But because it’s difficult to pinpoint its location, I’m guessing it’s an unidentified flying object.”,

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