January 18, 2022


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Lebron James PR Advisor Claims He Is Exhausted With The Star Player Devotion To Me-Too & Black Lives Matter In Leaked Phone Call

Longtime public relations advisor to LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers, Adam Mendelsohn, claimed he was “exhausted” by the NBA star’s devotion to social justice causes including Black Lives Matter and the Me-Too campaign.

The remarks were made during a phone call with ESPN’s NBA reporter Rachel Nichols, according to The New York Times, which was published on Sunday.

“I’m completely spent. In the leaked phone call, he added, I got nothing left between Me Too and Black Lives Matter.”

After being questioned by CNBC following the bombshell story, Mendelsohn expressed sorrow for his remarks.

“I made a dumb, thoughtless remark based on privilege, and I apologize profusely. In an email to the publication, Mendelsohn stated, I shouldn’t have spoken it or even considered it.”

“I strive to assist these causes because I know that the people who are touched by these issues are never exhausted or run out of options. I need to keep my privilege in control and try to be a better ally.”

According to the New York Times story, Nichols complained about a Black reporter, Maria Taylor, being hired over her to cover the NBA finals pre-and postgame programs.

Taylor was only granted the job because she is Black, according to Nichols.

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