September 25, 2021


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Lil Reese Responds To BOOSIE Over His Comments About Him Not Leaving Chicago Following Shootings

If there’s one thing Boosie Badazz is going to do, it’s provide cultural commentary.

The rapper sits down with VladTV on a daily basis to answer questions about everything that’s going on in the world of social media, and we recently reported on Boosie offering his thoughts on Lil Reese’s problems.

Reese has been a victim of gun violence in his hometown of Chicago twice in the last two years.

He was shot in the neck in 2019 and was hospitalised a few months ago after a bullet grazed his eye.

Reese won’t leave Chicago, according to Boosie, because he feels “safer at home” or because he doesn’t want to appear “cowardly” by leaving.

“Both of them were for me before I went to prison,” Boosie explained.

“At home, I felt more secure. I always had the feeling that if I left Baton Rouge, they’d turn on me.”

When Lil Reese learned about Boosie’s remarks, he turned to Twitter to refute any suggestions that being perceived as a coward was a role in his decision to stay in Chicago.

“Tell Boosie [crying emojis] I stated all that because I don’t want to look like a coward sh*t dead, but that ain’t the case. I have real life sh*t to deal with, and I move when I want to move “Reese sent out a tweet. Lol just alter yo headline dude he wasn’t saying it like that you reaching to hard,” he said in a tweet concerning VladTV’s article title.

Reese has also stated that he has no issues with Boosie. Take a look at his responses below.


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