September 25, 2021


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Lil Uzi Vert Ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd Manager Says Uzi Been Stalking Brittany For A While Calls Him Toxic

The people engaged in this event have yet to speak out, but Brittany Byrd’s management has provided one side of the tale.

Lil Uzi Vert, his ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd,b, and musician SAINt JHN were allegedly involved in a physical brawl on Friday (July 2), according to reports.

CNN earlier reported that Byrd and SAINt JHN were apparently discussing a deal at a business luncheon when Uzi walked in and caused a commotion, according to Byrd’s manager, Brianna.

Brianna told The Shade Room that Uzi had pointed a gun at Byrd’s chest and brutally attacked his ex.

According to the manager, Byrd and Uzi haven’t spoken in months, but there was a recent social media discussion between Byrd and JT that generated a commotion.

Brianna explained, “Brittany has been trying to focus on her life and job.”

Brianna claimed Uzi had been following his ex-girlfriend Brittany to the cafe in West Hollywood when questioned how he knew she was there.

“Since they broke up, Uzi has been stalking Brittany. Uzi is a noxious substance that is both mentally and physically damaging. He’s been doing it for a long time.”

JT and Uzi have been putting their romance on display in recent months, even appearing in photoshoots together for magazine articles.

Brianna informed TSR that Byrd was being treated at a local hospital after the confrontation, and TMZ reported that she went to a police station to press charges against the rapper.

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