January 29, 2022


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Lilibet Added To Royal Succession Line Almost Two Months After Birth

In the midst of a royal family battle, Prince Harry and Meghan’s daughter was officially named eighth in line to the throne over two months after her birth.

Lilibet, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter, has been added to the royal line of succession seven weeks after her birth.

Meghan is still listed as a single mother on the official website of the Duchess of Sussex, royal.uk.

Lili Mountbatten-Windsor, the eighth in line to the throne, was born on June 4 in the United States.

However, as The Sun exclusively disclosed, the official website had yet to recognise her birth on the official line of succession until today.

Just hours ago, the website that keeps the public informed about everything connected to the House of Windsor still listed Prince Andrew as ninth in line.

Lilibet’s name had been omitted off the list totally.

Her name has now been joined to that of her brother Archie, who was born in 2019 and whose name was added only 15 days after he was born.

Meghan’s official page, on the other hand, hasn’t been updated yet, instead stating, “The Duke and Duchess have one child, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.”

After Harry launched a media campaign earlier this year, Lilibet’s inexplicable absence comes amid tensions with the Sussexes.

Chris Ship, the royal editor of ITV, said the royals were “making a statement.”

“You have to wonder what has taken them so long,” he stated on his Royal Rota podcast.

“So where is Lilibet?” he asked, implying that all that is required is to “hit the paragraph button.” I’ll let them off the hook for a week or two, but a month?”

He also implied that the omission was “a little petulant.”

“Are they saying, ‘We’ll get around to it when we’re ready?’” he wondered.

“It appears to me that they are attempting to make a point.”

The Royal Family website is “updated periodically,” according to a representative for Buckingham Palace.

The news that Harry has signed a $US20 million four-book mega-deal is likely to exacerbate tensions between him and his family in the United Kingdom.

According to Harry’s lawyers, the prince will not write a series of memoirs in addition to the one announced.

The prince and his bride, though, are expected to write four books in total, according to rumours.

Meghan’s contribution will apparently be a healthy-living ‘wellness’ book, while one of Harry’s novels would allegedly only be released after the Queen’s death.

The couple’s legal team originally refused to comment on the allegations, but later clarified that they were “false and defamatory,” and that only one memoir was intended.

The book will be released the following year. It will look at the “highs and lows” of Harry’s unique life, he promised.

It will be delivered during his grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee year.

The Palace has reportedly been warned that they should be “frightened” of what is to come as a result of it.

Meanwhile, royal analyst Richard Fitzwilliams is concerned that the Duke of Sussex, who is “completely unpredictable,” could use the book as “leverage” against the royals.

“This book has the potential to be dynamite,” Mr Fitzwilliams told The Sun.

It follows a series of startling statements made by Harry and Meghan during their March interview with Oprah.

During the conversation, they claimed a senior royal made racial remarks about their son Archie’s skin tone, and Meghan claimed Kate made her cry over bridesmaid outfits.

In subsequent interviews, the Duke went on to explain his family.

He said his mental health had been treated with “absolute disregard,” and that his father had forced him to “suffer” during his “nightmare” life as a royal in yet another Oprah production.

Even his daughter’s name prompted a squabble, after it was claimed he and Meghan hadn’t informed the Queen that they’d be using her private nickname.

Harry has threatened to sue the BBC over reports that he did not get permission from the Queen.

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