September 26, 2021


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Logan Paul Denies Floyd Mayweather Knocked Him Out Ice Cold & Held Him Up To Keep The Fight Going

Logan Paul, an American YouTube star, has denied that Floyd Mayweather knocked him out & held him up to ensure that their exhibition boxing match in Miami on Monday ran the full eight rounds (AEST).

Paul, whose YouTube channel has over 23 million subscribers, went the distance with retired boxer Floyd Mayweather, 44, who is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Because it was an exhibition fight, no winner was proclaimed, but Paul received immediate plaudits from five-weight world champion Mayweather, who said his opponent was “better than I thought he was.”

However, some boxing fans and watchers have questioned the bout’s legality in the aftermath, citing an event in the fifth round in which Mayweather landed a hit on Paul’s head.

Paul lurched forwards, appearing to be headed for the mat, but instead collided with Mayweather’s body.

Mayweather, according to Twitter users and US media pundits, made sure he held Paul up so the fight could go to the last round.

In USA Today’s For the Win, Henry McKenna said, “There were a few times where you couldn’t help but question whether Mayweather was holding his punches — and even physically holding Paul back from a knockout finish.”

Paul debunked accusations that he was carried by Mayweather to guarantee the bout went the distance in an Instagram story this morning (AEST).

“I’m seeing a story getting around that there was a point in the fight where Floyd attacked me and I leant on him and it looked like I went limp,” Paul explained.

“People are attempting to twist things by claiming he knocked me out, caught me, and kept the fight going until the eighth round.”

“Shut the f*** up. Just shut the f*** up. Stop trying to discredit what happened last night.”

Paul credited Mayweather while praising himself for making it to the eighth round.

“I got f***ed up on a couple of shots. I didn’t know my face could make that shape.”

“But [I] never rocked, never blacked out, never obviously got knocked out. He tried to take me out and he couldn’t. It was great.”

Paul posted a selfie of himself on social media after the bout, describing himself as “not too awful” and “not too shabby.”

As a result of the exhibition match, both Paul and Mayweather will receive a substantial financial windfall worth millions of dollars.

However, the monetary incentive will not be enough to persuade Mayweather, who retired in 2017 with a perfect 50-0 win-loss record, to return to the ring.

After the bout, Mayweather stated, “I’m not coming back to the sport of boxing, absolutely not.”

“I did what I had to do, I made my mark on the sport, I got all my faculties, made a ton of money. Money ain’t everything.”

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