September 26, 2021


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Machine Gun Kelly Pulled Over Riding His Bike With Megan Fox Helmetless & Without A License

On a normal day, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are a ride-or-die couple, but in this situation, they’re more like… ride and get fined.

MGK and Megan were riding their motorcycles in Sherman Oaks, CA on Tuesday afternoon when they were stopped by an LAPD officer.

Megan was wearing a helmet throughout the traffic check, and you can see she was still wearing it when she sat off to the side, but her rock star boyfriend was not, and that’s why the officer busted him.

During the stop, the officer discovered MGK didn’t have the required endorsement to ride a motorbike on his driver’s license, so he was ticketed for that, as well as not wearing a helmet, according to our sources.

It’s impossible to disagree with either ticket, and Machine Gun and Megan were both nice and cooperative with the police, according to reports.

As you may know, the couple has been practically inseparable since May 2020, when it was first revealed that they were dating.

We believe MGK will just pay the penalty. Unfortunately, seeing these two together would make the traffic court a lot more fascinating.

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