October 24, 2021


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Mat George Posts Photo Of His Mom With Fake Snoop Dogg Thinking He Had Made His Mom’s Dreams Come True

Snoop Dogg’s doppelgänger is back on the loose, this time photographing the mother of a renowned podcast presenter.

Mat George, co-host of the She Rates Dogs podcast, shared a photo of his mother with the one-and-only Snoop Dogg over the weekend, but fans quickly pointed out that the man featured with his mother isn’t the rapper at all.

In truth, he looks to be a doppelganger named Eric Finch, who has been portraying the legend at events for years.

“I’ve been in Los Angeles for a year and have yet to see a celebrity. My mother spends the weekend with us and meets Snoop Dogg “On Sunday, George wrote. He continued, “After the tweet started receiving hundreds of responses, “Please quit claiming it’s not Snoop Dogg. The next time my mother logs onto Twitter, she’ll be devastated.”

We can’t blame Mat’s mother for mistaking this for Snoop because they seem so similar.

Snoop Dogg recently confirmed that he will be playing at the Once Upon A Time In LA festival.

He also revealed the name of the one celebrity that couldn’t keep up with him when it comes to cannabis, which you can see here.

People have come up with some really funny responses to the honest error, which you can see below.


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