January 18, 2022


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Meek Mill Tares Into Karen Civil Says She Turned Against Him Over Money

Karen Civil has had a difficult time after being accused of stealing numerous times.

It all started on Saturday morning, when Joyner Lucas posted a series of tweets about his time working with Civil.

He accused her of stealing $60K after she reportedly ghosted him after he requested her to assist her with a marketing campaign.

It’s a similar tale to one Cam’ron told a few years back about Civil being not just a liar but also a robber.

Karen Civil has been accused by a number of persons, including Jessie Woo and Jason Lee.

Now it appears that someone with whom she appeared to be close in recent years has had some negative encounters with her.

Meek proceeded to Twitter to allege that she had betrayed him and was “on some conspiracy crap” by spreading negative info to websites.

“Karen was my buddy and turned on me for the money,” the rapper said.

“Start having the bloggers publish nasty things about me on some conspiracy nonsense.”

Fortunately for her, Meek doesn’t carry grudges against her, although he has expressed his hope that she will at least take responsibility for her acts.

“I forgive her, but I don’t want to deal with any of you industry types that move like that! You should also own up to what you done to me” He went on to say.


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