September 25, 2021


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Megyn Kelly Says Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Is ‘There For A Reason’

Following Britney Spears’ statement in court on June 23, Megyn Kelly argued that the pop star’s conservatorship exists for a “good reason.”

In Monday’s episode of her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, the former Fox News presenter questioned Spears’ “mental health” and asked if she should remain under the court-appointed guardianship.

“The part about her testimony that disturbed me was that we didn’t hear the other side,” Kelly remarked.

“And this judge, especially when I found out that Britney has been pushing to stop this thing and objecting to it for many years, the judges have heard this before, the judge has had cause to question whether this should be in place for many years now, and she’s allowed it to.”

Britney Spears’s father Jamie Spears has had authority over his daughter’s more than $50 million fortune and her health and financial decisions for the past 13 years under the conservatorship.

Last Monday, the pop diva requested that the agreement be terminated, telling judge Brenda Penny that she “simply wants [her] life back.”

According to The Associated Press, Vivian Thoreen, Spears’ father’s attorney, issued a brief comment on his daughter’s testimony last week.

“He is heartbroken to see his daughter in such distress,” Thoreen added. “Mr. Spears adores his daughter and longs for her return.”

Kelly went on to say in her podcast: “There must be a compelling cause for it. What we don’t know is what type of mental condition Britney is in right now. We don’t know if she’s attempted suicide several times or if she’s tried to harm others. To be clear, I’m simply making stuff up. We simply aren’t aware of their presence.”

“And they on the other side, the father’s side, said practically nothing in answer to anything to the effect of, via his lawyer, sad to watch his daughter suffer so much,” she said.

Kelly and Spears previously made news when the host slammed Spears’ single “If U Seek Amy” in 2009.

“It’s one thing to sell sex in a bikini. It’s one thing to get on the radio and practically spell out the F-word over and over when little girls who adore Britney Spears for whatever reason are listening” Kelly remarked at the time on Fox News!

“It’s obscene. Music’s disgusting, and radio stations should only play it during the hours when youngsters aren’t listening, if at all.”

Spears retaliated by inserting a character in the music video for the song who was clearly patterned after Kelly.

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