January 29, 2022


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Mel Gibson Apparently Told Britney Spears To Turn To God After 08 Breakdown

Mibson reportedly showed up at Britney Spears’ door after she had a public breakdown in 2008, telling her that “Christianity will save her and to turn back to God.”

In a new interview with the Sun, Spears’ old best friend, Sean Phillip, opened up about the trauma Spears went through in late 2007 leading up to her public breakdown, which resulted in her being placed under a controversial conservatorship overseen by her father Jamie.

After Spears publicly shaved her head and struck out at paparazzi, Phillip, Spears’ former trainer and friend, revealed that a slew of unexpected people came out to the pop singer to give support.

“I recall one of them, Mel Gibson, telling her that Christianity would save her and that she should return to God,” Phillip told the newspaper. “It was all quite strange.”

Spears was physically and mentally drained in the months preceding up to the breakdown, according to Phillip, and was being propped up by her staff with medicines.

The team attempted to conceal the pop star’s fall at Las Vegas’ Pure nightclub on New Year’s Eve 2007.

When she passed out, “management tried to give her a suspected amphetamine to get her conscious and functional again,” Phillip claims.

Philips told the Sun, “The reality is that she was exhausted. She had been overworked to the point of exhaustion, and she was no longer fit to perform… Her medication was not assisting her in any way. She was growing paranoid in a way I hadn’t seen her before. (When she) passed out in the club while organising a party… I had to carry her out over my shoulder, a black suit jacket put over her, and block people from taking photos with their phones.”

Spears was “sobbing violently, and very upset” when Phillip returned her to her room.

‘Why am I so approachable?’ she wondered. ‘What makes you think I’m still doing club gigs?’

“That night, management came up and were attempting to give her something, in pill form, and I said, ‘No, it’s not happening,” Phillip, who now works in wildlife and conservation, remembered. She was simply taken aback. “I pleaded with them to allow her to rest.”

Spears was taken out of her residence strapped to a gurney in 2008, after claims of severe partying, drug use, and violent outbursts, and placed under conservatorship, which has lasted 13 years.

Spears stated in open court two weeks ago that her life under conservatorship is a living misery.

“Right now, I have an IUD in my body that they won’t let me take out,” Spears explained.

She described being drugged into obedience, forced to labour against her will, and having every facet of her life dictated by an abusive father, including the choice of her own kitchen cabinets.

The singer resorted to Instagram late Friday night to criticise friends and family members who have come out in favour of the actress only after her shocking statement, claiming that their “righteous” behaviour is false.

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