January 29, 2022


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Melbourne Off-duty Cops Save Woman From Being Raped After Hearing Her Horrific Screams

After hearing cries coming from an alleyway, quick-thinking off-duty police officers rescued a woman from being sexually assaulted.

The woman was walking to work on Railway Place in Melbourne when she was dragged off the street by a 32-year-old man at 7.30 a.m. on Friday.

According to investigators, she was then pushed into a building alcove, where the man allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Off-duty cops in the area heard a woman crying and rushed to the scene.

One of the officers pursued the assailant before he was apprehended on the corner of Adderley Street and Railway Place.

Later, he was apprehended by police and charged with sexual kidnapping, sex arrest, false imprisonment, unlawful assault, and robbery.

The man allegedly ‘inappropriately kissed’ the woman multiple times, according to officers.

He is being kept in custody until July 16, when he will appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court.

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  • Melbourne Police: AAP
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