September 25, 2021


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Mexican YouTuber Arrested On Child Pornography Charges

According to reports, a controversial YouTuber was arrested in Mexico City on accusations of child pornography after broadcasting a video of a sexual assault to her millions of followers.

According to EL PAS, Yoseline Hoffman, also known as “YosStop” on the video platform, was ordered by a judge to be jailed without bail on allegations that she exploited video of a 2018 gang rape to embarrass the victim and start an unpleasant campaign of harassment.

According to the complaint, Hoffman, 30, showed the clip on his phone during a YouTube video and attempted to blame the victim.

“That woman agreed to have a bottle of Mot inserted into her vaginal canal in exchange for three packs of smokes. Then this woman became famous for being such a scumbag,” she remarked in a video that was subsequently taken down.

Ainara Suárez, the victim, filed a complaint against four males in March for gang rape when she was 16 years old in 2018.

She also stated that the guys had footage of the incident, along with Hoffman and a buddy.

The footage began surfacing on pornographic websites after Hoffman described the attack on YouTube and denounced Suárez.

Suárez alleges she has been the victim of a harassment campaign as a result of Hoffman’s video, despite the fact that she needed counseling to get through the trauma.

Suárez’s lawyer stated that her acts clearly constitute a criminal.

“She committed a child pornography violation just by storing or playing that information. And she herself shows the camera the footage of the rape on her mobile screen,” the lawyer told EL PAS.

In a social media statement, the YouTube celebrity addressed the situation.

“They sought to implicate me in a crime that I never committed,” she explained.

“However, I have complete faith in the facts and common sense. As I’ve stated in several of my films, allegations should be used to empower citizens. Unfortunately, I’ve become embroiled in a situation that has little to do with me. But I’m hoping that everything will be settled soon.”

If Hoffman, the sole suspect detained in connection with the incident, is convicted, he faces a sentence of 14 years in prison.

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