October 24, 2021


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Michael Blackson Advises DaBaby About 50 Cent & His Money

MDaBaby met 50 Cent for the first time this week, accepting a mentorship role with the hip-hop superstar after spending much of his career studying the G-Unit leader.

DaBaby appears revitalised and eager to move on to the next stage of his career, now that he’s officially ready to put his new skills to work.

Comedian Michael Blackson, on the other hand, has some sound counsel for him, urging him not to fool with 50 Cent’s money at any point throughout their partnership.

“Someone I’ve been studying for a MINUTE lent me a couple hours of his time today,” DaBaby captioned a photo of herself and Fif on Instagram.

“N***as were so afraid of letting me in the room that they messed up and allowed me end up in the room with @50cent. A MAJOR MISTAKE!”

“The last time I was in the same room with 50, I ended up owing him money, DaBaby don’t take no money if yer at the strip club,” Michael Blackson said, ensuring that he never gets on Fiddy’s bad side.

We’ve all seen “Fofty’s” anger in action, and it’s not pretty. Baby should avoid any money-lending circumstances with Fif at all costs.

Aside than that, DaBaby hasn’t had the finest publicity week.

The rapper was caught on camera refusing to pay two adolescent lads peddling candy, instead offering them $4 and igniting a social media dispute.

He claimed he was trying to teach them a lesson about hustling.

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