October 16, 2021


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Mo’Nique Remains Unapologetic About Bonnets Tells Haters There is Nothing They Can Do To Stop Her

When Mo’Nique joined in on the debate over Black women wearing bonnets in public, she caused a stir on the internet.

In a now-viral video, Mo stated, “All I’m saying is could you please comb your hair?”

“I’m not saying you don’t have pride; nevertheless, based on the representation you’re giving, someone will have to ask you whether you do. It’s not for the purpose of attracting a man… it’s just a depiction of you, my sweet babies.”

“How are you going to be treated if you appear like you don’t give a damn?” she added.

“If I see you on the streets, in the airport, at Walmart with a bonnet on, slippers on, and you looking like what the f—, auntie gon’ tap you and say, ‘hey baby girl, show what you’re worth,’” she warned.

After hearing about the insults, Mo’Nique posted a follow-up video with the tagline “UNAPOLOGETIC.”

“There were two people in my life who, if I had taken a different attitude, I could have felt like they were rubbing me the wrong way, but I’m glad I took the attitude of appreciation and gratitude because they tapped me, and those people were Patti LaBelle and Margaret Avery,” the legendary comedian began.

“One night, as we were getting ready to do a show, Patti had to tap me because I was upset about something, and that woman had to come tap me and urge me to pull myself together. And she didn’t tell me with lollipop kisses and syrup-covered waffles. She said exactly what I needed to hear. And I was thankful for that-that night because it had an impact on my life,” she went on to say.

Avery’s words of encouragement meant a lot to Mo’Nique, so she conveyed her gratitude.

“I’m grateful those two people cared enough about me to go out of their way to speak to me in the manner aunties, mamas, big sisters speak to their little sisters, nieces, grandbabies, and daughters,” Mo’Nique added.

“I was grateful for that because it gave me a new perspective on things.” She continued,

“I never once thought those women were trying to offend me,” referring to Patti and Margaret’s advise as “nothing but love.”

“So, if you babies are offended by what I said, that’s fine with me. I don’t mind if you’re in your feelings about it, because I know you’ll get over it if you truly love someone. And when you say, ‘We’ll cancel your ass,’ they’ve tried it before, and I’m still here.'”

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