October 15, 2021


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Mystery As Huge, Egg-Like Object, Causes A, Stir Online

A big, enigmatic egg-shaped object discovered on a Brisbane riverside has been identified as a crab trap buoy.

A social media user discovered the orb near Redlands on Saturday and immediately appealed for help figuring out what it could be.

‘Any ideas where this came from?’ they wondered, holding up a snapshot of the thing next to a huge Slurpee cup for comparison.

Users were perplexed, and several speculated that it might be an egg of some sort.

One user said, “If you’re being serious, it does look like an ostrich egg,” forgetting that the giant flightless birds are endemic to Africa and do not exist in the wild in Australia.

‘Hatch it,’ said someone else.

‘This is Australia, you just know it’s definitely spiders,’ said another.

However, two astute users noticed that the object resembled a crab pot float, which is used to designate crab traps.

‘Looks like a crab pot buoy or something,’ one user commented.

‘Exactly what I was thinking,’ said another. ‘Float the crab pot.’

Crab trap buoys are composed of polystyrene and are used to indicate the location of a crab catcher’s trap.

They float beneath the lowered trap on the water’s surface.

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  • crab pot float: Handout
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