October 24, 2021


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Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Had The Internet Shook After They Started Talking About Their Favourite Sex Positions

Despite discussing the potential of collaborating on an album, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj had the internet buzzing on a completely different topic.

This brief conversation became significantly more fascinating when the Young Money rapper asked her label head what his favourite sex position was.

“On top,” Wayne stated confidently, as he does in every other sentence he utters.

“Period. In whatever aspect of life. Not just the bedroom, but the entire house, “He went on to say, which should come as no surprise given that this is the same dude who rapped, “It’s an issue since I’m so vain.”

Nicki responded by saying, “Obviously, he’s a fuckin’ genius. Then there’s the double, triple, and quadruple entendre.” As a result, it’s clear that she’s familiar with the boss.

This left folks on Twitter more perplexed than anything else, as they marvelled at the state of Weezy’s dreads and the mere premise of this conversation.

The queen of Queens went on Instagram live with the “Cover Girl” rapper after dropping a remix to BIA’s viral “Whole Lotta Money,” which drew a response from the missing piece in this Young Money cocktail: Drake! Nicki urged the rapper to “go back to your big booty ting” after he complimented the LA rapper on his appearance.


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