October 15, 2021


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Nicki Minaj & Polo G Come To The Rescue Of Coi Leray After Houston Viral Clip

After a video of a crowd reaction from one of her recent gigs went viral, Coi Leray resorted to Twitter to rant.

The show took held in Houston as part of the city’s Memorial Day celebrations.

In the video, the audience is shown standing still and looking unimpressed by Coi as she takes centre stage.

“The love used to exceed the hate, but now the hatred outweighs the love, and it’s slowly destroying me,” Coi responded to the video with a tweet.

“It appears like you’re attempting to assassinate me. That’s why I stay out of the way and maintain a safe distance.”

Coi’s sorrow was observed by Polo G and Nicki Minaj, who responded to her tweets.

“That’s how it’s always been when you first come in. When you really blow, you have to block that shit out and keep going crazy, and you’ve got it” Polo G retweeted.

“That is not something you should do. Keep your chin up,” Nicki replied.

“When black people don’t like you, know this: #TheyWillBoo,” Minaj wrote.

“Those people were up and about. That suggests they may not have been familiar with the song, but they were eager in learning more about it, thus they were paying attention to u. Charge it up for the game, and then move on.”

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