October 24, 2021


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Nivea Says Lil Wayne Made Her Quit Her Music Career & Promised She Will Be Taken Care Of

Nivea and Lil Wayne have a tumultuous relationship. Their journey begins in 2002, just after Wayne released 500 Degreez and Nivea was at the pinnacle of her career.

While the two now have a kid together, they were previously engaged and had planned to marry on two separate times.

Nivea discussed a variety of issues from her experience in the industry, including how her relationship with Wayne forced her to leave her job, during a recent appearance on Kandi Burress’ On The Note.

She claimed Wayne tried to write a song with her after the popularity of “Don’t Mess With My Man,” but subsequently revealed it was just to gain her phone number.

She claimed that the two started dating and that things rapidly became serious.

Wayne eventually persuaded her to leave her music career behind and assured her that he would look after her.

“‘Come be with me,’ he murmured. ‘I got you,’ I said” Nivea reminisced.

She stated she eventually wrote a letter to her label informing them that she was quitting music completely.

“I’m just sitting there like a housewife… and you know, Reginae for a long time,” she explained.

“‘I ain’t never stayed in an apartment before,’ he said all of a sudden, which is sort of amusing. Let’s look for a place to live.’ So we move out of the house and into an apartment, but I had no idea he was doing it to get Toya back in.”

Wayne later hosted a birthday party at which both Nivea and Toya Johnson were present, according to Nivea.

She claimed Wayne gave Toya a lengthy speech, and she later announced they were married.


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