January 29, 2022


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NLE Choppa Caught On Tape Taking A Heavy Punch While Jumping A ‘Fan’ With His Crew In L.A.

While in Los Angeles, NLE Choppa was involved in a physical altercation, which was caught on tape by a bystander.

Early Monday morning, video footage of the From Dark to Light rapper and about five other men jumping a man on a bike accompanied by another male started circulating online.

Prior to things escalating and hands being thrown, the men seem to be having a verbal spat.

The woman who filmed the incident can be heard saying in the video, “They are squabbling. He’s a well-known rapper.” Punches start flying moments later, and a bystander can be heard repeatedly saying, “Oh sh!t.”

NLE Choppa, who took a blow to the chin himself, is among those throwing punches.

The woman exclaims, “Aw no, it’s like five against one,” before expressing her reluctance to intervene. “That sucks. Or six against one. That’s fucked up. I’m not gonna stop this. I can’t stop this. I cannot stop this. That’s too many people, that’s not fair.

“That’s not fair!” exclaims the woman. The men then stop fighting almost instantaneously.

The incident occurred on a beach, but the exact location is unknown.

The battle ends just over 30 seconds into the video, and the man accompanying the jumped dude is heard saying, “Chill muthafucka” and “you two fucked up.”

This same man did not get involved in the fight, but instead seems to have worked alone to break it up.

NLE Choppa and his crew then seem unconcerned as they walk away from the scene.

People on social media, of course, have weighed in on the incident. Some people wondered why Choppa and the other man didn’t clash one-on-one.

“Not going lie, NLE choppa was going to lose that battle if his niggas weren’t there,” one Twitter user said.

Another typed, “@Nlechoppa1 You’re a p*ssy ah Boi who can’t fight a one-on-one fight. I’ve never respected you in any case, and your music is garbage!”

The Memphis rapper announced that he is actually in Los Angeles just hours before the fight footage went viral. “I love being here in LA, but what’s some fun stuff to do?” he tweeted.

Choppa argued that he eats punches and then gives some back before quipping, “ask about me!” in his response to social media mockery.

Choppa claims he was walking along the beach minding his own business when he was disrespected and had to react.

NLE Choppa was arrested in Davie, Florida in March for a variety of crimes, including robbery, cocaine possession, and gun possession.

Despite being held at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, about 20 minutes away from the scene of the incident that led to his arrest, he was eventually given a $4,500 bond, which he paid in order to be released.

Choppa and another male jumped the gate of a tow yard to retrieve a watch from a car that had been towed in a separate incident, according to court records seen by CN at the time.

After police were called to the scene, NLE Choppa, the man who accompanied him to the tow yard, and a third person were all arrested.

When police arrived at the tow yard, the three men were in an SUV and were reportedly sitting on top of weapons that were later found.

None of the three men were of legal age to own a firearm.

Officers also discovered a bag in the vehicle containing seven grams of marijuana and three and a half Xanax tablets. Choppa admitted that he was the owner of the drugs.

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