October 16, 2021


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Police Infiltrated And Stopped A Militia Disguised As A ‘Bible Group’

After the attack on the Capitol complex on January 6, a guy charged in connection with the rioting reportedly established a militia disguised as a Bible group that surveilled the area.

Fi Duong, 27, was freed on Friday after being charged with disorderly behavior and obstruction of an official procedure in connection with the disturbances.

On January 6, when supporters of President Donald Trump entered the US Capitol and battled with law police, Duong allegedly told an undercover cop that he scaled the Capitol building’s wall and also shot footage of others breaching the building entrance with a crowbar.

As a consequence, five individuals were killed, including a police officer.

According to court documents unsealed on Tuesday, he introduced himself to the officer as an “operator” before storming the Capitol wearing a “Japanese-style mask.”

According to the released court records, an undercover officer met Duong, also known as “Monkey” and “Monkey King,” during the incident and befriended him, immersing himself in Duong’s militia.

Duong sent an undercover agent a message a week after the attack, saying he was part of a “cloak and dagger” group that “can’t be out in the open,” and that his mission was to locate like-minded individuals to prepare for “what would undoubtedly happen,” referring to a second American Civil War.

Duong sent a message in February stating he had a man “patrolling” outside the Capitol, and another member of Duong’s organization subsequently sent a message indicating he had taken film of the Capitol’s west and east sides and would transfer it to an encrypted site.

On February 12, the undercover cop attended a meeting at Duong’s residence with other members of Duong’s militia, which they dubbed a “Bible study” group.

Only two biblical passages were discussed, and the rest of the time was spent organizing future meetings and discussing guns and training.

He invited a member of the Three Percenters militia organization to a meeting the next month. Duong had attended some of the group’s activities but wanted to remain “unaffiliated,” according to the undercover agent.

Duong “repeatedly indicated his readiness to participate in confrontation, including violence, against groups who had different beliefs than his own,” according to the released records, which did not reveal any charges arising from the violence on January 6.

According to the records, he sought to release other rioters who had been prosecuted.

“That strikes me as an opportunity. You go to the prisons and break them out with every major revolution” according to the papers, he stated.

In the Capitol insurgency, 545 individuals have been charged so far.

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