October 24, 2021


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Pop Smoke’s Mother Couldn’t Bring Herself To Listen To His First Posthumous Album

Faith, Pop Smoke’s second posthumous album, was released.

Throughout the day, discussions regarding the project erupted, with some praising the record and others doubting that Pop would approve of the way it was put together.

The dead rapper’s mother, Audrey Jackson, and brother, Obasi Jackson, sat down with Angie Martinez to explore Pop Smoke’s legacy as Hip Hop fans debate the record down to the last bar.

From the start, Angie and the Jacksons were full of joyful energy as they warmly remembered Pop’s previous chat with the radio host.

His mother stated she “liked” the conversation, and Obasi told anecdotes of the first time he heard his brother’s voice change. He joked, “There was no puberty.”

Pop’s mother stated, “With the new CD, it’s easier to hear his voice.” “I’m not sure if it’s due of the passage of time or because he sounds different on this. His tone and manner are distinct.”

Because “it’s a part of the immediate grief,” she revealed that he hasn’t yet listed to Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon.

Pop Smoke “came home and tried some of the tunes on me,” Jackson recounted.

Obasi also mentioned that if there’s one piece of Pop Smoke advice that budding musicians should take away, it’s the significance of learning the industry.

Pop, according to Obasi, was always researching the ins and outs of the industry on his computer, and while he was focused on making money and developing a career, he was “wise about it.”

“He made certain that when he arrived, he had everything in order, LLC and everything. You want to work in fashion, restaurants, and a variety of other fields” Obasi stated.

“He was a savvy businessman.”

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