January 26, 2022


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‘Pose’ Actress Angelica Ross Blasted After Sharing DaBaby Story

Following his ongoing scandal, the rapper remains a hot subject, and Angelica Ross joined in with a random meeting she reportedly had with DaBaby.

While some have said that this is Cancel Culture at its worst, others have attacked DaBaby’s responses, claiming that he is his own worst enemy.

This topic has created a line in the sand between fans and opponents, and just when you thought you’d heard enough of the DaBaby Drama, transgender actress Angelica Ross tweeted about running into the rapper.

“It’s time for a story…DaB*by and I met earlier this year” she stated.

“While I moved closer him since he was standing next to my limo driver, his attention was fixed on me as I flew back to Atlanta. ‘Miss Ross,’ he read aloud after looking at the sign and then back at me. I just smiled and got in my car with my driver.”

People accused her of fabricating a tale to gain attention, but Ross swiftly retorted.

“One thing people know about me is…To kick it, I don’t have to lie! I only make up stories if I’m paid to do so by SAG-AFTRA for film and television” Ross made a remark.

A Twitter user questioned why she was sharing this tale at this particular time.

“It is what it says about myself and other trans women, not what it says about him. We don’t all put up with these jerks and their crap. The cosmos was trying to communicate with me. He didn’t have anything to do with it. The idea is that every story’s moral does not revolve on you.”

She also defended herself against claims that DaBaby was aware of her gender identity. “‘You can tell it’s a man, he wasn’t looking at her,’ some have said under my Instagram photos…and that is also the purpose. It’s one thing to refuse to date trans women; it’s quite another to deny your attraction to us. These guys will be thirsty for it on my BUMMIEST day.”

Below are some of Angelica Ross’s tweets, as well as some reactions.

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