September 25, 2021


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PR Boss Resigns Over Drunken ‘Error’ At Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Concert

After a charity event attended by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a PR executive quit due to a “public and embarrassing error” made while inebriated.

Declan Kelly, the CEO of Teneo, was initially ousted from the board of Global Citizen, a concert promoter, before resigning from his own business on Tuesday, June 29.

He apologized to anyone who was harmed by his conduct at a concert where Prince Harry received a standing ovation for a speech about compassion and humanity, according to a statement.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex served as campaign chairs for the event, which saw the Foo Fighters, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lopez perform for key workers who had spent the previous year battling coronavirus.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama recorded a message of support for the event, which aims to generate private sector financing to help impoverished nations get immunizations.

According to the Financial Times, Kelly was accused of improper behavior with a number of women and men during a cocktail party following the event, which was attended by Global Citizen board members and visitors.

“On May 2nd, I made an accidental, public, and humiliating error for which I took full responsibility and apologized to individuals immediately affected, as well as my colleagues and clients,” Kelly said in a statement on Teneo’s website.

“A campaign against our firm’s reputation has ensued, and it is possible that it will continue in the coming days.

“However, whatever of the validity of any such allegations, I do not want them to continue to be a source of distraction for our business.

“With my family’s great support, I have chosen to leave Teneo and resign as Chairman and CEO in order to safeguard Teneo’s workers and clients.”

Prince Harry’s address on the night was full of empathy, compassion, and humanity as he tried to rally support for COVAX, a global campaign to combat the virus.

“None of us should be comfortable believing that we can be fine while so many people are suffering,” the duke added. In fact, and particularly in the case of this epidemic, when one person suffers, we all suffer.

“With understanding and compassion for people we know and those we don’t, we must see beyond ourselves.” We must pull up the whole human race and ensure that no one or community is left behind.”

Meghan, who was pregnant at the time, did not attend in person but instead taped a message that was broadcast with the concert’s recorded version a week later.

“Women, especially women of color, have seen a generation of economic gain wiped out,” she added, according to People.

In the United States, approximately 5.5 million women have lost their jobs since the epidemic began. In addition, 47 million additional women are anticipated to fall into extreme poverty throughout the world.

“My husband and I are ecstatic to be expecting a daughter in the near future. We share this delight with millions of other families all around the world. When we think of her, we think of all the young women and girls throughout the world who need to be given the tools and support they need to help us move ahead.”

Kelly played such a prominent role in the Vax Live performance that he was mentioned twice in the press release.

“At a big cocktail party that evening attended by dozens of individuals including Global Citizen board members and visitors, Mr. Kelly became intoxicated and acted inappropriately with several women and men at the gathering,” a Kelly representative told the Financial Times.

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