October 16, 2021


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Pras Michael Investigation Takes A New Turn With Trump Administration Involved

The investigation into Pras Michel has taken a new turn, with the Trump administration also involved.

Years ago, the Fugees’ icon was accused of assisting Jho Low, a Malaysian financier, in funneling millions of dollars into the United States to aid former President Barack Obama’s campaign.

The monies were reported to represent a small percentage of the billions of dollars that Low allegedly plotted to steal from 1Malaysia Development Berhard, a Malaysian government-owned firm.

Pras has denied any misconduct in this federal case, but according to CNBC, the rapper, along with Low, has been charged with new offenses.

The men are suspected of “leading a back-channel effort to urge the Trump administration to drop an investigation against Low and the 1MDB investment organization, as well as to have a Chinese dissident repatriated to China,” according to reports.

While the government knows where Pras is, Low has gone missing.

The fugitive is on the run from the police, believed to be in China, and investigators suspect Low and Pras may have devised a strategy to avoid prosecution with the assistance of former President Donald Trump.

According to the Justice Department, Low and Michel are accused of conspiring with Broidy, a woman named Nickie Lum Davis, and others “to engage in undisclosed lobbying campaigns at the direction of Low and the Vice Minister of Public Security for the People’s Republic of China, respectively,” according to the indictment issued by a grand jury in Washington on Thursday.

Pras and Low are now facing money laundering conspiracy charges, as well as “witness tampering and conspiracy to fabricate false claims,” according to Pras.

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