January 24, 2022


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Pregnant Florida Woman Shot Dead By Motorcyclist She Intentionally Hit With Her Car

Police in Florida say a pregnant lady died last week after being shot by a motorcyclist she purposely struck with her car.

According to the Orange City Police Department, Sara Nicole Morales intentionally hit 40-year-old Andrew Derr with her automobile last week while making a turn.

Detectives explained that Derr urged Morales to wait at the spot while he phoned police however she took off and he chased her along with other witnesses.

Authorities noted that, Morales drove to her house, entered, and then returned with a gun to confront the Derr, who was talking on the phone with police outside the residence.

The motorcyclist then drew his lawful concealed weapon and fatally shot the woman.

Derr’s cooperation with responding cops was captured on bodycam footage made public by WOFL. According to authorities, the event is still being investigated.

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