October 15, 2021


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Prince William And Prince Harry Take Aim At BBC After Inquiry Finds Journalist Martin Bashir Lied To Get 1995 Interview With Princess Diana

After an investigation found that a BBC journalist deceitfully secured an interview with Princess Diana in 1995, Prince William has accused the broadcaster of failing his mother and poisoning her relationship with Prince Charles.

After an investigation found that BBC journalist Martin Bashir used manipulation to win a sensational 1995 interview with Diana, in which she revealed personal details of her failed marriage to Charles, and that the broadcaster covered up the deception, William issued a stunning rebuke to the public broadcaster.

Diana shocked the nation by admitting to an affair and disclosing details of her marriage to the heir to the throne and William’s father, Prince Charles, during the “Panorama” interview, which was watched by more than 20 million people in the United Kingdom.

Diana, 36, was killed in a traffic accident in Paris in 1997.

“In my opinion, the deceptive manner in which the interview was obtained had a significant impact on what my mother said. The interview played a significant role in deteriorating my parents’ relationship, and it has since harmed countless others “In a statement, William, 38, said.

“Knowing that the BBC’s shortcomings contributed significantly to her anxiety, paranoia, and loneliness that I recall from those final years with her brings indescribable sorrow.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry said that the problem was larger than the BBC, and that “the ripple effect of a system of coercion and unethical activities eventually claimed her life.”

“Thank you to those who have accepted any level of responsibility. That is the first step towards truth and justice “he penned

“However, what worries me the most is that practises like these — and even worse — are still common today.”

The two brothers’ relationship has been strained since Harry stepped down from royal duties and moved to the United States with his family last year, but they both have had a difficult relationship with the media for almost their entire lives, and their comments on Thursday were arranged for release at the same time.

Following complaints from Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, that he had been duped into bringing her to Bashir, the BBC launched an enquiry led by former senior judge John Dyson in November.

Bashir had shown Mr Spencer fake bank statements, implying that Diana had been bugged by the security services and that two senior aides had been paying to provide information about her, according to the article.

Bashir regularly lied to his superiors about how the interview was obtained after it broadcast, according to the article. As the questions persisted, BBC executives refused to thoroughly investigate Bashir’s version of events, obfuscating details about how he got the interview.

The BBC has failed to meet the “high levels of honesty and openness that are its hallmark,” according to the investigation.

The BBC has written to Princes William and Harry, as well as the Prince of Wales and Mr Spencer, to express its regret.

Bashir apologised for the false claims, but insisted that he stood by his 25-year-old facts and that they did not influence Diana’s decision to give the interview.

Since questions were first raised in 1995, William believes the BBC should have conducted a thorough investigation.

“Not only was [Diana] let down by a rogue reporter, but also by BBC representatives who chose to look the other way rather than ask the hard questions,” he said.

“These flaws, which were discovered by investigative journalists, not only let my mother and family down, but they also let the public down.”

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