October 16, 2021


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Rachel Nichols Apologized To Maria Taylor On ‘The Jump’

The New York Times published an article this past weekend about a video that was released in which Rachel Nichols alleges Maria Taylor was only chosen to conduct “NBA Countdown” because she met a diversity quota.

Many ESPN workers were angered by the revelation, but Nichols has received support from celebrities such as Stephen Jackson and Kendrick Perkins.

Many people have been waiting to see if Nichols will address the topic on her show “The Jump,” which premiered tonight.

Nichols did just that in the end, but she took sure to make it brief.

Nichols didn’t want to detract from the NBA Finals, so she apologized to Taylor in the first 30 seconds before handing the microphone over to Perkins, who complimented Nichols for owning up to her mistake.

“So the first rule of journalism school is don’t be the story, and I have no intention of breaking that rule today or detracting from a wonderful Finals,” According to Nichols.

“But I also don’t want to pass up this opportunity to express how much I like and appreciate our ESPN colleagues. How pleased I am to be a member of this amazing team and how truly sorry I was for failing people I wounded, especially Maria Taylor.”

It’s unclear how Taylor is feeling behind the scenes at this time, especially since she recently rejected down a lucrative deal to return to the network.

It’s undeniable that ESPN is a poisonous environment right now, and it’ll be interesting to see how things play out.

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