January 29, 2022


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Rapper J. Cole Is In Rwanda & May Feature For Local Side Patriots At Upcoming Basketball Africa League

The NBA and FIBA have been working on a brand-new organization in Africa called the Basketball Africa League for the past few years.

The new venture will feature 12 teams competing over the course of a season to determine which club is the best on the continent.

This league is unique in that it requires each team to have at least eight local players on their roster, with only four foreign players allowed.

These rules offer African players a greater spotlight, which makes the game develop.

According to the Rwandan newspaper The New Times, the Patriots, a team from Kigali, Rwanda, are planning to use one of their four international roster slots to feature J. Cole in one of their games.

J. Cole is currently in Rwanda, according to their article, and has been added to the team’s roster.

J. Cole’s latest album, The Off-Season, is set to be released next Friday, which makes the timing of this story all the more curious.

J. Cole, on the other hand, has always expressed an interest in playing professional basketball, and a chance to play in the BAL may help him realize that dream.

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