October 15, 2021


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Recovered Coronavirus Patients Hit With Bills Amounting To Millions

Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are starting to see their hospital bills and therapy costs build up.

The New York Times interviewed a man whose father died of the virus last October and who is in charge of over a million dollars in debt. The cost of an air ambulance for another patient was $50,000.

Some health insurance companies have programs in place to help down the cost of COVID therapy. Hospitals, on the other hand, have frequently disobeyed these policies, leaving patients to foot the tab.

COVID has a long-term impact on millions of Americans, who will require medical and financial assistance for a long period after the pandemic ‘ends’.

After more than a year of the pandemic, scientists have discovered a condition known as ‘long COVID,’ in which individuals have symptoms for weeks or even months after contracting the coronavirus.

What was once thought to be a rare ailment has now been discovered to be frighteningly common. According to recent studies, one out of every four COVID patients will develop protracted COVID.

Patients who were young and healthy before their infection, as well as those who had mild or asymptomatic instances, can be affected by long COVID.

For example, a study from the University of California reported that roughly a third of long-term COVID patients had no symptoms after their first infection, however other researchers criticized the report for not accounting for neurological symptoms.

According to a survey of COVID patients, the most prevalent long-term symptoms include weariness, muscle pains, shortness of breath, and difficulties concentrating.

However, there is another symptom that exists outside of the bodies of patients: exorbitant medical bills.

According to Sarah Kliff of the New York Times, this is “the financial version of long-haul COVID.” Patients who survive the illness – or even those who are currently fighting it – may face hefty medical expenditures.

Thousands of dollars in bills can quickly deplete a patient’s funds. They can also track patients’ families after they die from COVID.

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